If you have been a part of our church family for any bit of time, you know that we have been concerned with what it means for people to know God. Discipleship is a huge part of what we do. The word disciple is a very clearly defined word — A disciple is a disciplined student. We long to be disciplined students in knowing God.

This is more than just a culture at EWC, it’s our life! The past few years, our Mission Statement at church and through our discipleship has been guiding people to Know God, Love God, and Serve God. We are obedient to and glorify God when we are making disciples (Matthew 28:28-30). Notice that we are not called to build a church, programs, or events. We build people into disciples. Jesus is the One to build the Church, and He is faithful to do so (Matthew 16:18).

Our plan for discipleship

Our plan for discipleship:
1. Knowing God through His Word.
• As a disciplined student we offer a recourse called Bible recap where we read the Bible together throughout the year.

2. Knowing God through the gifts given to the body such as teaching/preaching. We believe the corporate weekly gathering is a powerful way to know God and that comes from:
• Pulpit preaching
• Different small group teachings
• Monthly men and woman’s discipleship classes
• One on one discipleship plans

3. Knowing God through community and lifestyle.
• Living in Community – means that we are to be a people in relationship with the God who saves us, and a people in relationship with each other who share salvation together.
• Missional Lifestyle – This is an invitation to go into the cultures and nations of the earth and to live sacrificially for the good of others. Mission is God’s activity of love towards the world. To be a follower of Jesus means that you too are called to be a missionary. My mission is to Love God and Love people wherever I am at. (“I am sent.”)

Hey we’re the Evatt’s.

The Evatts have a passion for learning and teaching the Word of God. Agreeing with David Helm, they fully believe and support that “our greatest service to God is wrapped up in the fidelity to His Word”.  They aspire to teach that reading God’s Word is not just a Christian duty, but that it is truly a delight! They previously served in the country of Honduras working in orphan care and education. Since their return to the United States, they can be found serving at EWC, especially with discipleship and missions initiatives. Wes and Lindsay both love traveling and spending time with their family. Wes enjoys singing, yard work, and food! Lindsay loves porch-sitting with a book in one hand and coffee in the other. They both serve on the board of the LifeHouse Children’s Project, advocating family care for foster children in the state of South Carolina. Along with their three children, Bella, Nate, and Marleigh, they have also served as a foster family to many other children throughout their marriage. They look forward to many more opportunities to serve their surrounding communities in sharing the gospel and the love of Christ.